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The American Blood Clot Association envisions a future in which there is a high public awareness to the life threatening dangers of blood clots.  With a higher awareness, blood clot related conditions and deaths will be significantly reduced.


The American Blood Clot Association is a nationwide non-profit, voluntary health organization that is dedicated to educating patients and healthcare professionals to prevent, diagnose, and treat life-threatening blood clots like DVT (deep vein thrombosis), PE (pulmonary embolism), and clot related stroke.

The American Blood Clot Association focuses its initiatives on the people who are at a high risk of developing a blood clot, those who have experienced a blood clot, and medical professionals who diagnose and treat patients.

American Blood Clot Association (ABCA) Objectives:

* Become the key source of information to increase awareness and knowledge of blood clot conditions and treatments to patients and healthcare professionals.
* Prevent blood clots(thrombosis), diminish suffering, and reduce death related to blood clots.
* Work with healthcare professionals to establish guidelines to prevent, diagnose, treat, and manage blood clots.
* Assist in developing support groups locally and online.
* Promote educational courses/webinars for patients and healthcare professionals
* Build an online social network that increases awareness, encourages conversation and collaboration.
* Create awareness through traditional and social media channels
* Encourage medical professionals to specialize in thrombosis/thrombophilia.
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