In Honor Of

The American Blood Clot Association began and took life when a much loved and very special lady lost her life unnecessarily to a blood clot.1amargie2.jpg

Margaret "Margie" Cooper, a wife, mother, and grandmother was a very young vibrant 63 year old. One evening about dinner time she complained that she didn't feel well and was short of breath and her chest and back was starting to hurt. She was taken by ambulance to a local hospital where she passed away a few hours later from what was described as a massive pulmonary embolism(a blood clot in the lungs). Margie, a few weeks prior to her passing, had fallen and X-rays had shown a slight crack in her knee cap. A blood clot developed and traveled to her lungs, which sadly ended her life. Margie is the inspiration behind the American Blood Clot Association, and because of her, we hope to save thousands of lives. Remember, blood clots kill....know the signs...know the symptoms.

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